New interface is confusing and i am frustated

hai folks,

i am a 5+ year member and today i sped 1 hour to make a post.
early if i click php icon in the post, i could simply insert php code in the post. now it says to intend something. which i don’'t understand at all. also i spent 15 minutes to find the font color bucket. there is no such thing it seems.

pls review the design again.

I’m sorry that you feel frustrated and I feel your pain. It is always hard to get used to a new interface.

For formatting the code, so it uses highlighting, simly copy and paste the code and, while it is still selected, click on the </> button.

You can also use markdown. If you use markdown, simply write ```php before the code.

You can find more information about the changes, cheat sheets, etc in this topic

Thank you. ill check that thread to get some more info.

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It would also be a good idea to read the “Did you know…” topic. It covers a lot of the frustrations you seem to be having.

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And you can use colour

The syntax is [color=red] (for example)

Edit: and you need to close that tag