New in forum.. need help

Hi all.
am new to this forum. I am very confused about how to find out exact topic related questions and answers in forum. Can any one help me pls…

Welcome to the SP forums. These forums are divided in several subforums. You can find them and their descriptions here:

Find the subforum you’re interested in, open it, and use the “search forum” function.
And if you don’t know what forum to search for your topic, you can use the “Search” box at the top of the page to search all the forums.

realize the niche or genre of what you are going to SHARE about or what you are LOOKING for. Look at the home page of this forum. The categories are all there. If you think that you want to share or ask about twitter, pinterest, fb, then go to social medial; if it’s about something else that’s not in the categories indicated, go to general discussion. As simple as that.

There is a link in my signature to an article about being a good community member. That article contains heaps of tips and tricks for using these forums. :slight_smile:

Hi Impact,
You can be find any topic easily see on top it’s forum second menu option is forum, click there and there a you will be see a list of forum by category, there your can be find or submit your question related category.

Hey Hi… Welcome to the forum. It really simple to post and find answers to your questions. As in any other forum you can simply select your category and get the topic you want to post for. Other there is always a search box in every forum, just type whatever you want to search for and you will get forums related to it.