New Hosting mentor: ServerStorm

It is my pleasure to announce that the one and only ServerStorm (aka Steve) is now part of the hosting team as a mentor!

We know he’s very good at setting servers on fire, so the hosting team should be a good fit! :wink:

Please join me in giving Steve a warm welcome!

Congratulations, Steve. Your enthusiasm and energy are really appreciated!


Congratulations Steve. You make a great contribution to the forums. :slight_smile:

Congratulations Steve! Well deserved.

Congratulations Steve welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Congratulation ServerStorm, Well deserve buddy! :slight_smile:

Nice one Steve. Welcome.

Congrats Steve! :tup:

Everything you touch now will be turned orange Steve rather than set on fire. :cool:

I would like to thank Remon for guiding me to a hosting mentor! I am enjoying the new role “getting my feet wet” so many thanks!

Thank you this means a lot, especially from someone that lives this statement herself :slight_smile:

Well even if this doesn’t happen, fire can still be orange when it burns :wink:

Thanks to everyone’s well wishes!


Yes, a new meaning to an orange glow. :wink:

Love to see you in orange… I’m soooo proud of you :wink: