New Hosting Companies Vs. Established Once


This is my first discussion topic that I would like to start here…

Hope this discussion goes on fair and without hurting any1.

I would like to discuss over new companies which have just put there steps towards hosting business.

I know many of the people here and everywhere believe that only established companies with a nice price tag of almost around $5 per month for smallest web hosting plan can give you best support and uptime. No doubt they can give you nice uptime but what about the support… leaving some companies all other big and established once do not offer you what you should actually get.

Companies with a huge customer base receives a large number of hosting support requests from there customers daily which they can not fulfill on time. Thus resulting in delay and some times inconvenience to the customer.

Where as on other hand new companies or mid level companies that just arrived or been in industry for a few couple of months is much better then them.
A solid reason to support this is if they want to be in this industry they will surely provide all the best of support and uptime and industry leading softwares and products to there client for the very low price as compared to other big ones.

Now the point to be noted is the people only don’t believe new companies just because they are new… I don’t understand the reason why people have a mentality of treating OLD IS GOLD…

When new companies just to establish them selves in this market are offering tons of services for a much lesser price to what other big ones do then why do people think they are going to fall down… They too have there business plans setup or else they won’t advertise it different forums and waste there precious time in which they could have done many other jobs…

I know this is a never ending topic but you surely need to broaden your thinking and start thinking about this second phase of hosting industry…

With my article I surely can’t mentality of too many people but surely can start a step ahead of others to let people think on this…

Hope I can scratch some great minds with my writting and they can comment some great ideas and pros and cons…

Thank You.

  1. Most of the new companies are scammers. They cannot be relied upon immediatelly. But not all new companies are scammers. They have to prove their integrity.

  2. it is true that old companies with big and popular names, are not able to ;provide good support. But this is not true for all companies - a balance between customer base and support staff is required. some companies follow some policies like 1 support staff on every 100 clients and support staff located world wide to provide 24x7 support. if 1 staff is out another is in at some other location.


What a great analysis!I agree with you completely that veteran hosting companies owing to heavy influx of customer requests many a times fail to deliver good results. On the other hand, people are reluctant to try out new players. However, it’s good to take a moderate approach and go through customer feedback and reviews on different blogs and articles and then make a final choice of a web host.

Most of the feedbacks, articles, blogs and reviews are doctored, paid and self-arranged :frowning:

Companies with a huge customer base receives a large number of hosting support requests from there customers daily which they can not fulfill on time. Thus resulting in delay and some times inconvenience to the customer.

That’s just as much of an over-generalization as “new is bad”. Many of the big companies have started out small, with limited funding etc. Assuming that while they were small they managed to keep things up and running, why wouldn’t they be able to do it when they grow, if the business model is right? All they would need would be a proper customers/staff ratio. :wink:

Lots of the small companies are not scammers, the vast majority probably aren’t. Their business just fails because they lack the experience, the funding is not right, the assumptions they made when they stated out turn out to be idealistic etc. A new company is a risk for its founders (it’s why they call it a venture), and as such it is a risk for the customers as well. The benefits may outweigh the risks, but you need a bit of luck when making the choice. :slight_smile:

Being perfectly fair I don’t think people really judge the age of the business in general, new businesses have pro’s and con’s and old businesses have pro’s and con’s, while these may be different (due to the age and experience) it’s not really something that results in a case of “possibly a scam”, for the record though, I don’t know anyone who looks for hosting around the $5 a month price, not if they want a non-shared high uptime, high quality package anyway. :slight_smile:

This is totally wrong, and actually quite a dangerous claim to make, hosting companies (alike all businesses) should not be treated like a scammer until proven innocent. Most businesses are run with the intention of being a good service, your making it out to be that every host in existence started off as a fraudulent illegal service. :rolleyes:

There are pros and cons. For both.
With new host you could be the only customer for the whole server for a long time and that will drive the best performance to you But you have have porr services form unexpirenced stuff. So that depends

Hostgator is a really big company that still offers awesome support.

You can’t really tell which one is better over the other. It depends on the company itself… Although there are lots of new companies which are doing good lately. But there are a lot of scams as well. I think its inevitable.

And I believe that depends on your attitude to this company. That is really important. And if you have good experience with the company that doesn’t mean some one will have the same

you can confirm from bad reviews or from a customer or reference from any company.
I know new people are more energetic with motivation to serve best. if a host is fair it can
boost it services with quality support and best packages.
but the problem for new hosts is, allot of big companies with poor services are spending huge amount on marketing to attract customers. I personally know number of webhosts on top ten list of every review site but they are worst in performance.

I always stick with the old ones. They have been tested and trusted and have seemed reliable. As for customer service, I use 3 web hosts for most of my customers, and I have NEVER been disappointed. At one point, they even called me back! And I don’t live in the US!


I am really over-whelmed with peoples response over here.

This has been a nice and fair discussion by far.

I really thank you every one and we finally conclude that even new companies should be given a chance over big companies.

Thank you every one.

I’d never use a new hosting company. Web hosting has to have one of the highest churn rates of failure of any industry, partly down to the low barriers to entry, both in finances (anybody can afford a couple cheap dedi’s) knowledge (control panel heros can fake it) and marketing and business presence (off the shelf hosting-template site plus many companies are entirely anonymous and show no real offices etc). I suspect many people start up hosting and underestimate the resources needed to offer quality support, the level of competition, and the low margins involved at smaller scales, then succumb to cutting corners and overselling to try and recoup their investment.

Why risk it when there’s plenty of high calibre established hosts at all sizes that have a proven reputation?

There is lots of competition in the hosting world and to stay in the competition every company is offering something new and on low prices. Tough established companies have reliability new company are coming up with some new ideas as well and in the war of these companies best benefits are enjoyed by customers.