New host capable of running feng office?


I want to use the following script for online collaboration:

I got it successfully installed on my mediatemple grid. However whether a coincidence or not, after adding just a few items… the script became somewhat unusable.

It loads extremely slow, times out, and I also get internal server errors. I am looking for a replacement environment but because of how billing at our company works… I can’t go around testing hosts… I need to find a host we will stick with.

What leads me to believe it is the hosting environment is because it works perfectly smooth at:

The script will only have about 15 people which are staff working on it.

Any advice, feedback, or experiences is fully welcome. Even if you can suggest similar free/opensource php-based scripts with similar features but have less load, that would be appreciated as well.

Thank you!

you may be able to arrange with a host to test out your application for free, to make sure it will work for you, before committing to buy. This will simplify things with regards to working out billing with your company.

I recommend you ask developers of that web application for suggestion. Thy might have a list of recommended web hosts for their web application.

I know many hosts have a 30 day money back deal and you can probably try out the script and see if it works first. That is what I did when I wanted to see if my custom CMS script would work on my current VPS.

I just did the 30 money back deal —> it worked —> I committed to the VPS and kept it.

You can always ask the web hosting company before you purchase a plan with them to tell you if they have an experience with the software or if they can research it for you