New Here with Endless Questions

Hi, I’m new here and will probably be looking through this forum because I have endless questions about coding for making a website. I would really like to once and for all begin to make them completely from scratch and have them look good in most browsers.

It would be good if you ask your questions at start.

I like this guys guide in different things, hes extremely detailed and you can see different of his playlists on his youtube channel Try watch any of his html first then move over to CSS.

Good Luck

Hi juliebean2012. Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. :slight_smile:

We love lots of questions! Fire away!

Good luck.

Hi Juliebean2012!

I’m not far ahead of you, just learning the basics of html/css and really enjoying it! One thing I can very highly recommend is this book, whihc I ised to get started:

It’s excellent for those who have no prior knowledge at all, and it holds your hand through building an entire website. It explains things very clearly without being too long and repetitive.

Good luck!