New Forum Software -XenForo

There is a new kid on the block in terms of forum software but NOT from a new developer. You may have heard of these two before, Kier Darby and Mike Sullivan. You can find the company forum here

XenForo is a currently unreleased commercial Internet forum software package developed by XenForo, Ltd. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL for data storage. The default XenForo style is written using HTML5.

I’m sure that most of you have heard of xenForo by now, the new forum software written by Kier and Mike, previously of Jelsoft / vBulletin 3.x There has been a lot of praise for xenForo on their forums and around Twitter, particular praise going towards the improved user interface features, including some fancy javascript

Yes, they do allow signatures.

It has some of the look of vb but it also pulls ideas from other forum software as well. The thing is, it is completely new from the core up and is written in HTML5 and CSS3 which no other forum software is done in, so while it may have the LOOK of vb, it acts nothing like it.

They have announced the public release of the beta and the pricing details here:

Go register and check it out, you will be pleasantly surprised.


I wasn’t going to say nothing at 1st, but xenforo does look like VBulletin, and I just saw that they used to be apart of them, in the forumindustry post

Just took a look at the xenforo community and looks pretty decent. Doesn’t look like at the current moment they allow forum signatures…or do they?

Xenforo is looking real nice. I’m looking forward to seeing it develop some more.

Xenforo 1.0 came out today… I picked up an extra license since it was on sale and I’m looking forward to moving some of my sites over as soon. :slight_smile:

I plan for use it in my new website. That’s good forum software :blush:

XenForo is a very cool software. I set up my first XenForo site recently, and I find that it has everything vBulletin lacks, both in front-end and back-end workflows and features. It’s just a well thought-out piece of software. Two thumbs up.