New form of marketing, I dread to think of the cost!

It only took 1,500 drones!!!

The event was put on by the Chinese video-streaming company Bilibili to commemorate the one-year anniversary of its release of the mobile game Princess Connect! Re:Dive, a popular Japanese role-playing game. The game was first launched in Japan three years ago.

It’s looks really awesome though!

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Thanks for sharing such an informative post. Yes, the QR codes are very
popular and highly in use in Chine. THE Bilibili advertising strategy is
awesome in the article.

this is really cool and all but i was just chilled by one instagram post that foreshadowed the possibility of this type of marketing becoming mainstream. imagine a sky filled with QR codes… it’s like a horrifying futuristic dystopia/eutopia lol!

To be honest, 90% of the cost will have been for flight licensing for the airspace, because you can’t put a net of drones up in the air without informing air control networks to keep airplanes clear.

The drones are reusable, the coding behind them generating a picture is basic spreadsheet technology. Really the only people you’re paying are the ones who have to design the pixel art. Which is what this is. “Draw me a picture in 1500 pixels.”

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