New 'Exit Site' Technology for eCommerce. Who tried?

Is there anybody tried ‘Exit Site’ pop-up technology like or ?

They have great SaaS service for turning abandoning visitors into microactions but picing per month some of this services is killling me (2k $ per month - lowest plan)

Hmm … sometimes when I leave a site, it’s because I’m pushed for time and I want to come back later when I can give it my full attention. If there’s one thing that would make me change my mind and never come back to the site, it would be one of those annoying pop-ups designed to stop me doing what I want to do.

If I’ve chosen to leave a site, for whatever reason, I expect to be able to do so without any extra hassle.

Just my personal view, but I suspect I’m not alone.

This sounds like a great way to really annoy your users and destroy any intention that people leaving your site might ever come back - I wouldn’t use this if they paid me and looking at how insanely high their prices are I can’t see why anyone would use this.

Not to mention the technology itself doesn’t work properly, the bounceexchange site would sometimes show me its annoying popup even though I didn’t do anything to indicate I was leaving and the picreel site blacked out the rest of the screen but never actually loaded the popup.

I also will not return to such sites.

I have seen others state that such pop-ups do result in some conversions. But I’ve never used any to test this nor seen any other’s evidence.