New Domain Registration

I intend to register a few domain names but I have nothing to do with the domains. Register these domains because the names are nice and still available for registration. May I know if you practice this? I mean register the domain names but do nothing on these domains?

You’ll find that most of the .com domains you can think of (well, shorter ones, anyhow, of one or two words, even misspelled) are already taken but not used. Some people have made their fortune by buying up domains and not using them—instead selling them at a profit to those who later want them. I think it’s unethical, but of course it’s legal, so it’s up to you. A few domains bought this way is perfectly fine, of course. I don’t register names unless there’s some chance I’ll use them. In this world of opportunism, though, I’m basically a fool. :smiley:

We register the name and then sell them once someone demands.
Good luck.

That is all what most so called domainers do. Some of them keep thousand of domain names, renew them.
I suppose if your domain names will be good themselves you will be able to earn with them by keeping them only (parking).
I prefer to develop any domain name I have with me.

If you are going to register the domains but not use them I would suggest at least parking them to earn a small amount of revenue from click-thrus. You could even show the domain for sale using a domain auction/parking site such as Sedo.

With the changes to come from ICANN meaning that you may well be able to register dot ‘anything’ before long there is a chance that the names you intend to register might not be as desirable as they once were. This is just something to bare in mind.


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Nothing wrong with that, but you may need reason on why you should keep it, if you don’t want it.

you can simply register the domains and enable domain parking on godaddy that way you can earn money online. Its that simple!