New domain on same IP?

Hello All
I want to register new domain on same IP where I had all ready host a domain few months ago.
How can i do it?

If you are in shared hosting, new domain will automatically have sam IP once you change the nameservers to your nameservers.

Registration on new domain does not require IP. It may require nameservers.

Good luck.

When you set up your webserver, you tell it that it is ‘virtual hosting’ multiple sites on one IP address, its straight forward to do via both Apache and IIS.

You can opt for shared or virtual servers. if you are on the same hosting plans then it will automatically have the same IP and you need top just point your nameserver to it.

may be it posible with shared hosting .

Check if your web hosting account allow you to have addon domain names. Then register domain name - add it in web hosting control panel. Change nameservers for the domain name.

By default the domain should use the same IP unless you asked your host to assign a new IP to the domain name. Make sure you point the domain to the same nameservers as well

Well its pretty simple, if your ip is dedicated, then you need to allocated it through your hosting CP, or if your ip is shared, it will be done automatically when you submit the domain name to your hosting.

Make your new domain name as addon domain or parked domain.