New Domain and Pagerank

I have registered a domain 1 month ago. And i have not installed any script on it. I mean i only have registered this domain and didn’t upload anything to it.

  1. Now i want to know can i start making backlinks for it to increase Google pagerank, when it hasn’t anything on it?
  2. Should i park this domain and then start making backlinks for it?
  3. Should i upload one page on it and then start making backlinks for it?
  4. If i cant do above works, whats your suggestion?
  5. How can i increase Google pagerank of this domain before uploading content to it?
  1. How can i increase Google pagerank of this domain before uploading content to it?

It gives NOT to the domain name, it gives for PAGE.
You need to have at least one page optimized for certain keywords. (onsite SEO)
Then you can start your link building process (offsite SEO).

That’s a rather backwards way of going about things. How are you going to get people to link to you if you haven’t got any content there? The only links you will get that way will be worthless. What are you hoping search engines will index your site for if you’ve got nothing there.

Start building your content first - get enough there to interest people and give them a reason to visit, even if you don’t get the site fully finished straight away - and then you can start working on getting links and getting into the search rankings.

Hi, first complete constructing your site fully, ensure that the site is optimized to be seo friendly.

Here are a few on-page optimization techniques

• Keyword Research & Competition Analysis
• Meta Tag Placement (Title, Keywords, Description and others)
• Image Optimization (Alt Tags)
• Web Page Optimization (Pages titled with relevant keywords)
• Robots.txt
• XML Sitemap
• Search Engine Verification and Sitemap Submission

then there are several ways to drive traffic and build quality back links, don’t be in a hurry, it takes time to achieve ranking and obtain a good position in SERPs. what is the use of increasing the PR of an incomplete site?

Here are a few off-page optimization techniques to drive traffic and build back links

• Directory Submission
• Articles Submission
• Press Release Submission
• Squidoo Lens Creation
• Hub Pages Creation
• Social Bookmarking (Digg, Delicious, Stumble, Reddit etc.)
• Blog Posting
• Be helpful in forums
• Classified Ads
• Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn etc.)

funny but it’s like calling a friend to a party and then saying dude you’ve just got punk’d.So please don’t create such kind of impression to other people,go with basic first create the content on your website.:slight_smile:

Short answer, building backlinks before having valuable content on it is a waste of time.

Sorry got no time for a long answer today - also, do you actually care? I haven’t seen any response from you to the couple of answers I’ve already given to you in other threads. and I don’t see that you’re actually reading those as I’ve told you there before that you’re asking your questions in the wrong subforum.

Your domain name do not influence on the page rank in any way.