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Hi All,

I just wanted to get some suggestion from all of you. I am planning to develop a website for my uncle. They are in the business for selling boat related stuff. This website will be solely for showcase and they dont want to do any online selling. I have confirmed it. No online selling just a website to showcase all the items category wise.

I am science student but not much focus on web development but really want to get my hands wet. I have read a lot about wordpress themes on internet (like themeforest etc) but do they sell complete CMS ? To breakdown what i have to do is

  1. Create categories
  2. place images in these categories

Thats it, i have around 300 item pics for now, and 200-300 more will come by end of this year. So how can i get the complete CMS that does the stuff i require ? shall i continue and buy from themeforest ? do they provide the complete CMS or just the themes ?

Hi jimmy_99, welcome to the forum

WordPress is the complete CMS and you can use any number of free themes and plugins

I suggest you try a free blog at
or download and install on your “localhost” machine for checking it out before you spend any money on anything.

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