New Community Team Advisor - Tailslide

The community team just got stronger and bigger with the fabulous Tailslide stepping up to the role of Advisor.

Please welcome Helena into her new role!

gotta keep all the new mentors from going crazy

You mean we were supposed to be sane starting out?


Fantastic, Congratulations Tailslide :sparty:

w0000t !!!

+1 on the fabulous


Congrats Tailslide!
Welcome to the green side :slight_smile:

I agree with everyone else, fabulous!!! Congrats Helena!!! :smiley:

Congrats, Helena! The female invasion has begun! :eye:

Go go Helena! :tup:

Thanks everyone! I’ll do my best to live up to the great standard of green-badginess set by the others.

Congrats, Helena! :slight_smile:

Wahey! Another UK-based moderator on the team! GOGO Team GB! Congratulations Helena! (Not that I know you, but heck everyone else calls you Helena!) :slight_smile:

Some mighty fine changes going on around here!

Andrew Cooper

Congratulations Tailside… Welcome to the ecologic team :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats :slight_smile:

:Partydude: Congratulations Helena. Good Luck :slight_smile:

Helena you look great !

Congratulations! We need all the advisor’s we can get on this place… gotta keep all the new mentors from going crazy :lol:

Congrats H :slight_smile: :tup:

Congratulations! I completely missed this thread :slight_smile:

Hey - congrats there Helena! Another SP lady looking good in green! :slight_smile: