New Browser window without toolbars

Hi all.

I was wondering how I can make a browser window open that does not have all the toolbars on the top and bottom.

I am looking at getting a site to open an item in a different window that is plain, rather than with all the toolbars that we all usually have hanging around.

I have seen it done but do not know how.

Any help would be appreciated.


There are various settings you can use, such as those in red:

); return false;"

See here for an explanation:

You should be aware that this will not work in all instances. A lot of users will have their browsers set up to open pop-ups in a new tab in the same browser window. Other users may use browsers which does not allow disabling the toolbars.

Generally speaking, it’s a bad idea to use pop-ups. They are much less accessible (especially without the toolbars), and you can achieve the same functionality using CSS.

Modern browsers do not allow the address and status bars to be turned off. Most of the rest can also be locked on by selecting appropriate settings in the browser (the easiest way is to just make all new windows open in a new tab of the existing window).

Thanks all for the replies.

The example I am looking at is at

When you select the ‘Logon’ button on the right, it opens a new browser window without the toolbars.

It works perfectly for me on both IE8 and FF3.x without having to “allow popups”.

Looks like it is Javascript in the source code.

It is done the way Ralph described earlier in the thread.

It is still dependent on the browser configuration as to what of the entries in the third parameter actually get processed.

Thanks for mate.

I will try that and get a couple of friends to bash it around.