New Adsense Acct/Abusive users?

A while back i posted that i was attempting to get another adsense acct. That has been a success, BUT on one site that i am thinking about putting it on… There are alot of abusive users (haters) that lurk and always try to start trouble… I am afraid of starting adsense on that site in fear of these users trying to click-abuse my ads…Is there a way i can prevent this? I know i can do an IP-Deny across the site, but these people tend to use proxy’s alot…

thoughts? suggestions?


Use an AdServer like DFP and use frequency capping

what is that?? is DFP an alternative to Adsense?

DFP Small Business

Awesome, thanks!!! This looks pretty cool… will definitely look into it…

Quick side question though. Because of some of these abusive users… We are setting up a new site/forum which will be a fresh start… BUT, its not the URL we signed up with for Adsense. Do we have to reregister or contact adsense to let them know we are going to be using a diff site. I just want to make sure everything is done correctly…thanks again…

No. Once your application was approved and you are in the Adsense Program you can add your Adsense Code to as many websites as you like.

You also might find this useful: How to set up DFP Small Business for serving Ads on your sites


Thanks again DaStarbug!! Appreciate the help…

Hey starbug… i not sure if i am supposed to start a new thread or even post on your site but i had a couple other questions. I read your site detailing the how to setup DFP…

But as i am going through it, i am wondering if its even for me. I have a steady forum with a few hundred users and i will get roughly about 100,000 impressions a month… But what i am worried about like i said before is, abusive users that lurk and just click the ads… I know you mentioning the freaquency capping, but is that something i can still do with DFP even though i am just running regular adsense ads?..

I have had adsense running for 2 days now… and i got about 10,000 impressions and 6 clicks… i only have the adsense up to help with server costs… but i really cant believe i got 6 clicks that quick… could those be accidental clicks maybe or does google bots click em … i am just nervous since we got a great new forum going, new adsense acct. i want everything to run smoothly… the DFP option seemed like what i would need as far as frequency capping goes… but at this point, is that all its good for since i have a small board with a little bit of decent traffic?


6 clicks with 10k impressions is very low so don’t worry. Read my forum on how to improve that :wink:

Regarding DFP, yes you can use it even if you only run AdSense.
Follow my DFP Small Business Tutorial and if you are worried about fraudulent clicks use frequency capping. :slight_smile:

Thanks man! yeah, i have been following your instructions on that DFP thing… slowly understanding it…

heading over to ya forum for the other info :slight_smile: