New +1's from other sites - Whats This?

I am seeing this “New +1’s from other sites” in the activity page of webmaster tools dashboard.

I have new +1 from your site is always closer to 70 - 75 per month and

New +1’s from other sites ranging between 1 - 5

Does this means that my website is performing better than the competitors?

yeah i think so im also new with that +1 thingy

Do you have the +1 button enabled on your site?

Yes i have +1 buttons enabled in my site. Please answer my original query?

Its not a signal of better performance… but it definitely shows that some of your visitors liked your content and which is why they have +1ed it.

No, that’s not what it’s indicating.

“New +1’s from your site” show that somebody has clicked the +1 button on one of your pages, as I’m sure you know already. “New +1’s from other sites” show that somebody has clicked a +1 button on another site, but that button relates to your site, not theirs.

For example, I may have +1 buttons for my own pages, but perhaps somewhere I have a link to another site I highly recommend. I can add a +1 button next to that link, and set it up so that anybody clicking that particular button is endorsing the site I’m linking to, and not my own site.

You can find more information on this here:

This a new features given by Google. It is usually just like the “Like” button in Facebook. This will endure more soon, let’s just watch out what will be the main function of +1 in google.