Never use unless you don't like money!

I want to post this because I have seen other users post about it. claims to be a good steward of honest companies. To be a member you must agree to respond and try to resolve ALL complaints that you get, and negative reviews are never deleted.

Here is their problem.

  1. When I signed up with them, they listed “Free Forever” account. I wanted to try it and if I liked it maybe pay for the $10/mos service. I thought probably worth it. There site mentioned NO WHERE that you were limited to 3 reviews ONLY at the time. I pointed it out to them after I was cut off, and they claimed it was always there, and pointed me to some hidden page, that was NOT part of my signup page. Nor is ANY of their service terms listed in a TOS or ANY page that tells you exactly what you get. They did everything they could to try and get me to upgrade, but when I saw that $10/month was only for 5 reviews, I decided against it. ROI, was not good enough.

  2. After 30 days, they LOCKED my account, because I had 3 reviews posted(even though the FREE ACCOUNT allows for 3 reviews)… When I contacted them about it, they claimed that there was always only 30 days to use the review service? Now correct me if I am wrong, but look at this page(of course its different now, than it was)
    Look at the free account. 3 reviews right? WRONG. 3 reviews for 30 days, then locked out of that system, because now its a PREMIUM service… Does that sound like good marketing for a company that wants to be a steward for other companies good name? I don’t think so. (see screen shot1)

  3. AS part of your service agreement, you MUST respond to all negative reviews and try to resolve the issue with the customer. This you must agree to, to have the service. Which is fine. Here is the problem. The free account doesn’t ALLOW you to even see the negative reviews, and they are deleted instantly. So just having an account with them violates the terms of their service, and then gives them grounds to terminate your account.

  4. I submitted a support request on this issue, and now they REMOVED one of my 3 reviews I had posted, and I can not post any more now.(because I am past the 30 days)

ok, here is the bottom line. Why do they not have a page the CLEARLY states what you get and don’t get with EVERY account? These “policies” they claim to have were NOT listed anywhere!

You know if they have been honest from the beginning, I would be a paying customer right now. I tried to explain that to them, but they continue to SLAM my account with “new” policies to force me to upgrade. I am not going to do it…

So any of you that want to use their service, plan on them pulling any new policy out they can find to FORCE you to upgrade no matter what plan you are one.

I received this the other day.


We do talk about the limitations of the Free for Life offer on both the ordering page and on first login. In both cases, our system states that you only have 30 days to publish reviews. See the examples below…

Initial Ordering Page:

and again on the first login event

First Login:

We have been accommodating by increasing your review limit for free and I see you are still using our service, but I also see you are talking about us on other sites as well as having issued this dispute. It would be appreciated if you would remove your comments from these other sites and close this dispute as resolved.

BTW - We will need to close this dispute with you anyway because you must be a paying customer according to the RatePoint Dispute Guidelines that you agreed to.

Thank you for your consideration,

Chris Bailey
Co-Founder and EVP of Product Management

SO bascially I can’t review their services, nor can I submit my review of their service to anyone else…
I also found it interesting, the only reason I am NOT a paying customer is because they have been misleading from the beginning. That screen shot he posted, was not put up UNTIL after this started with them…
Instead of being honest from the beginning and just fixing the issue, they would rather HIDE it all and try to make it seem like I am the unreasonable one.