Network Marketing


Network Marketing is never an easy endeavour. Network marketing is a business model that relies on individual distributors to sell products or services. The primary method of getting paid in this and other network marketing companies is a commission on sales.

What is your opinion on network marketing? Thanks in advance.

This kind of model can be very effective, especially if the individual sellers are selling to friends and family. This is why things like Tupperware parties are so successful. In Internet Marketing this would be like having a commission based incentive program (ie. “Hey, sign up for this site and help me win an ipod”).

Network marketing system is all about getting in touch with the people that can help you out the most, and vice-versa. Of course your number one target should be people in your direct industry. In other words, people that would be interested in buying and benefiting from your product are the primary people that you should network with.

In my opinion, It’s even sleazier than continuity marketing. There are depths to which even I wouldn’t go, and that’s begging my friends to buy overpriced crap. Strangers, well that’s different :slight_smile:

The problems with network marketing in most cases is that just about many of the ones who are helping you will stop after a very short while.

In addition to that, one has to keep at this, keep at this, keep at this.

In many cases, if he were to keep track of the hours spent doing this, and tracking his sales from it, he may very well be working for less than minimum wage.

One of the benefits of network marketing is that each person’s success is joined to the success of everyone else, so it behooves the whole network to help out everyone in it.

Network marketing is a valid buiness model. Like everything else ther are good and bad companies out there alot ofthem based onthe “health industry” and do involve very high priced items. The higher the price the more difficult it is to sell. Secondly most compensation plans HIGHLY favor the company.

I finnaly found onethat works and is profiable So my opinion on network marketing has changed is I guess is based on a case by case depending on the company behind it . The “concept” of network marketing is one of the best buisness plans to ever be devopled in my view though

Thanks for sharing all the information in the post. Network marketing is a promotion of products and services to the people. The products sold through network marketing are usually department products. And the exclusive level of service offered to the customers is a considerable part of the product’s value.