Netbeans vs. Dreamweaver?

I have a PC which is on its way out (getting an upgrade) and my friemd said I should switch over to Linux Mint (Its faster and all around better) I use Dreamweaver to manage a few websites so it looks like I may be using Netbeans in its place, is this ok?

There’s absolutely no reason to consider Dreamweaver in 2017. It’s been outdated for nearly a decade.

Look at SublimeText 3 (unlimited trial), Atom (free), or VS Code (free).


Netbeans is more of a Java IDE… I don’t think it’s a particularly good text editor for web development. Neither is dreamweaver though.

I was going to suggest exactly 3 other editors, but @mawburn beat me to it. ;-)


If you are a Google Chrome user, there’s also something called Caret. It’s a text editor plugin that runs very similarly to Sublime. You can install it for free via Google Chrome.

I use Bluefish, which is free, so you can try it out and move on if you don’t like it.

Netbeans is a wonderful IDE for PHP Development though it can be a little bit of memory hog at times. You also have to make sure you the right package(s) the main one obviously is PHP. Sublime is a good simple IDE if you don’t want low memory imprint.

if you don’t want low memory imprint.

Typo? Sublime has an extremely lean memory footprint.

That is the exact reason I dumped it. It used to eat my CPU while indexing files after a short while of using it, and completely slowed down my computer. Also I find it normally tries to do too much for you failing many times to actually help. I like simple text editors and have been using Textmate (2) for mac for a long time now. It’s lightweight and very customisable. For me it has everything I need for full stack web development. And I have been considering dumping that for Vi although I would have to do some tutorials first, it seems very powerful once you know it well… In my personal opinion less is more when it comes to coding IDE’s or editors

I would have to do some tutorials first

This is the best one out there:

There is still a big learning curve after that, though. You have to rewire your brain on how you interact with the computer. It’s a lot more than just learning the commands.


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