.net vs .org

Sorry i don’t really know where to ask this question. So my question is what is the real difference between .org and .net ? And please reply only those who really know the answer!

From a technical perspective there is no difference. There is some legacy where, when The Internet was still being devised, to differentiate among varying types of sites. But that has been long lost (with the exception of .gov and .mil)
It is akin to asking the difference between “Road” and “Street” in an address.

Which also originally had a difference that is now mostly lost.

Roads between towns, streets inside towns.


org for organisations
net for sites about computer networks.

I’ve been conditioned over time to think of a .org address as signalling that the site is to do with some kind of non-for-profit kind of organisation. Not that there seems to be a rule that this must be so. .com more commonly represents some kind for for-profit undertaking, though again, it’s not a rule. .net is often a little more undefined and open to anything. As I said, these aren’t rules as such, but I find them useful as a guide to what to choose.

Just look the meaning from what their stand for
.net = network, which is mean for me a “network” purposed of making business
.org = organization, which is mean a group of people with non-profitable purpose, like hobbies.