.NET Page Fine On My PC... But Not Theirs


The subject pretty much says it all, I created a fairly simple page that will input the data from a number of text boxs into a database… On my machine it works fine, Ive tried it with IE 6, 7 and 8 as well as Firefox.

On my brothers PC with IE7 he gets a yellow exclamation mark in the bottom corner of the browser and when I asked him to double click this he says it mentioned error 500 - which from what I understand is a server-side error so surely this means it should happen on every computer that uses the page and not just his?

  • I’ve since tried it on 2 other computers that I have in the house and its fine on them as well… Any ideas or more importantly suggestions on how I can get this working on his PC?


One thing worth mentioning that I’ve just noticed, the database table ‘id’ column auto-increments. Whenever they try to submit this page whilst nothing is entered into the database… when I then submit something to the database from my PC the auto increment jumps as if its seen their submission.

So when I submit 3 times the database goes up 1, 2 and 3 each with the data I’ve sent. However if they then try to submit one lot of data nothing is added to the table, then when I next try it jumps to 5 instead of 4.

  • Can see why this is the case at all and I’m totally stumped why it seems to be only their PC.

Usually that exclamation mark meeds a javascript error on IE. There could be a few problems. Firewall, database connection permission. But if you have a server error, it will say so on the page, not just an exclamation mark bottom left. What is on the screen with the ! mark? Is it just blank white screen? And is debugging enabled as well as custom errors off?

You mention firewall, they’re running McAfee as far as I’m aware, would this cause an issue? as I say its only submitted some data to the database

The screen with the exclamation mark is still the same screen with the submit button. I’ve got an updatepanel and required field validators on the page but thats all other than the textboxes and submit button. The validators do their job and also the update panel seems to as well without a problem.

Within Safari he says that he gets no error but when clicking the submit button that nothing happens.

Debugging is enabled and custom errors off.