.Net 3.5 Not installing

Hi, I have an application that requires the .Net 3.5 framework, but it will not install using windows features on windows 10. It simply says after completing the download “The files were not found”.

You should be able to enable it in Windows features as you say, but some people have reported problems, it seems.

Have you tried manually downloading the installer here and letting it prompt Windows Update to acquire .NET Framework 3.5?

Edit: I moved this to the Community category, as it’s not about the .NET programming language per se, but just about software packages required by other software.

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Try the directions here…

I don’t have a windows 10 disk or ISO image…

Uhmmm. OK. So you’ll have to go Jeff’s method.

But you SHOULD have a install disc or image, just for reinstall/recovery purposes. It’s VERY dangerous not to have one.

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I don’t have one because I downloaded it. But I know how to make one so I will.

When i use Jeff’s method, this error pops up:

If you’ve downloaded and the file, it should only be a matter of double clicking on that downloaded file to install it. If you’re getting an error, then it could be a permission error trying to extract the file, or any of a number of other issues.

After 3 failed attempts, it failed again…

Try checking permissions.

My Computer → Right click the drive you’re installing on → properties → security → select Administrators (presumably you’re on an admin account) and ensure that Full Control,Modify,Read & Execute,Read, Write are all toggled “Allowed” for your user level.

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I think it is different on windows 10?

Maybe… my only Windows 10 machine recently got de-Windows10’d :smiley: so not sure.

Do you not have those areas, or similar?

Side note, do you know for sure that you’re using an administrator account?

I can delete other users and reset the computer, so i think i am an admin! :slight_smile:


Here is a suggestion for you may it help yours. .Net Framework repair tool may fix your bug.

@Cataposhi I’d be interested in knowing more about what
“Tell me how to solve this problem”
had to say.

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