Nero burning rights?

Been using Nero Burning Rom for several years, and it’s worked great.

Now, all of a sudden, when I open the program to burn a CD I get a message that says something about downloading and installing burning rights from their website…and it won’t let me burn any CDs now…the button to start buring is greyed out and inoperable

I own all of the originals artist CDs, and I’m simply putting several albums by the same artists onto a single CD in MP3 for convenience and so that I don’t have to use the original all the time.

Is there a good open source program
that is recommended for buring CDs?

That is their DRM product to ensure that you’re not attempting anything illegal, the program would require Internet access (or firewall permissions) to download the thing and make the message go away. Though being perfectly honest you are better off without Nero, that product is the biggest piece of bloatware in history). :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind leaving nero behind, except it’s the only audio burning program I’ve found that automatically creates CD Text for audio tracks from the .wav filename(s). I have been converting hundreds of vinyl records to CD audio, many (most) that aren’t in freedb. When I split the tracks from my ripping program I name each track with the track title. From there nero automatically converts the filenames to CD text, which I need on the disc to automatically create the disk label in my labeling program.

Every other burning program I’ve tried makes me re-type the cd-text which is a real pain and wasted typing.

I installed ImgBurn…it’s working great…so my drive must be OK…so it’s good bye to Nero!

It was a PITA anyway

when I saw that popup with Windows 7 and Nero 8 it turned out my cd drive was getting flakey, I replaced the drive and haven’t seen the message since.

The CDs are all WAV, but I’ve ripped them to my hard drive and converted them to MP3

I’ve burned them before with no problems, so something is going on with my Nero program. Maybe they are requiring that I download something to cover their backside legally.

No, I’m a fan of older hard rock / metal music and have few “new” CDs that would contain any such copyright protection.

If I ever run into that, I’ll just play the CD and record it digitally while I’m listening to it so I won’t have that problem as this will make a new file


That’s none of their freakin business!

And, you’re right…I’ve dumped Nero and I ain’t looking back!

Hadn’t heard of that one yet, thanks!

I’ll give it a try…

Just to be clear - the music files you’ve ripped from your CDs are MP3s and not M4P (Apple) or WMA (Microsoft) formats?

Whilst you own the CDs and ripped them yourself, the digital files may contain DRM depending on what software you used to rip the MP3s. If these files are protected then you may only be able to burn those files to disc a certain number of times.