Negative-margin on an image causes it to "slide under" the wrapper? Help!

Hi everyone!

The site is

What I want is very simple: images that butt up right to the left of the browser, ignoring the column layout and wrapper of the site. The easy way to accomplish this in my mind is to give the images a

margin-left: -70px;

css declaration. However the images seems to “slide under” the wrapper! Why? How!? Can you tell I’m going crazy? Here’s an image of the element in web inspector:


You have 2 parents with overflow;hidden applied so the nested imgae cannnot escape.

.excerpts-plus-excerpt {
    display: block;
    float: left;
    margin-bottom: 5px;
 [B]   overflow: hidden;[/B]
div.headway-leaf {
  float: left;
  min-height: 125px;
[B]  overflow: hidden;[/B]
  width: 250px;

Remove those overflow properties and the image will appear. However if you were using overflow:hidden to clear floats then you will need to use another mechanism instead such as the clearfix routine.

Thank you so much! Lets hope this is the time I finally get through my head what overflow is!

Thanks again!