Need Your Opinion On These Domains


I plan to start up a new website offering ebooks exclusively. I have two choices before me with respect to domain names:

  1. It is short, memorable, brandable and keyword rich.
  2. It is very memorable and brandable but slightly longer with not the main keywords.

Though Google has now started giving keywords in domains less importance, I am still tilted towards the first one. What would you pick for a domain and why?

The first domain mostly just looks like a jumble of letters and is harder to remember.

Personally, I like the second one because it’s easily readable, memorable, and is made of actual words, rather than a jumble of letters. The length of the domain is negligible. When you start getting past 12-15 characters, then length starts becoming an issue (unless you have a memorable domain like But, there’s no hard and fast rule about length unless you are running a URL shortening service.

I like the second more. is a bit longer but it’s easier to remember, which is very important for a website. Just my two cents.

Even my vote goes for the second one - bookscriberDOTcom
Easy to remember and market. I hope you are the owner of the domain since it’s not available for registration else you will have to consider some other option :wink:

Yeah, I’d have said the second for the same reason, sounds more professional too.

Absolutely the second one. “” doesn’t mean anything actually, where “” is a much better and easy to remember option. I also noticed that “” is available, it is also a good option. Maybe you can purchase it as well.

I’m a fan of the second domain name. It has good branding motivation. But as you said about Google’s New SEO rules the first seems more relevant.

If you can purchase them both, do it. Because you can always make changes on down the road. Just point your second domain choice to your first.

The second domain seems to be good and easy to remember .

Yeah, the second domain sounds more professional and easy to remember