Need Your Little Help for 2+ Crore Flood Victims - Pakistan

Hope you are doing great.

I am living in Pakistan and today Pakistan is facing the worst flood in the history. Please see the intensity of flood one week ago here <snip>Link deleted - it didn’t work</snip> and the situation is even worse now. Kindly read in detail here

As an individual, with some friends, am looking forward to help human beings who are in trouble. There are more than 2 crore people effected by the flood. We are planning to help them by providing food, so that at least no one dies anymore.

We are doing our best, to help as many as we can. But the need is limitless, if you like to financially contribute to the cause. You are most welcome my friend. In case, if you can’t contribute for any reason, am still thankful to you for listening.

Please know that if you are hesitating due to small amount contribution. Kindly don’t as even your $1 can help someone live some more time. One more thing, I’ll personally manage all of this and make sure that the funds are used only for helping flood affected people.

Payment possibilities are immense, Paypal (if you are abroad) would be the quickest option. Please Paypal to <snip>email deleted </snip> and kindly mention your full name with Sitepoint reference.

Otherwise, within Pakistan, we can personally come to collect from you. Or wiretransfer and even Western Union.

Thank you deep from my heart.

Take care.

Best Regards,
Just another human being whose heart cries…

Hi Addies

I’m aware that the situation in Pakistan is terrible and encourage people to donate for this cause as well as to Haiti… these type of situations will not solve in just a few days.

Yet, I can’t allow you to ask for help using your own account.

  1. We don’t allow to give personal information, and your e-mail address enters in that group. For your own protection

  2. Of course, you may have the best of the purposes, but we don’t really know how you will use that money.

  3. We don’t allow people asking for money whatever the reason and it doesn’t matter how legit it is. Again, it is for the protection of our members. You never know what’s the truth behind.

Anyone who wants to donate, can do so through the Red Cross or any reputable charity in his country that is working in Pakistan too.


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Before you think its spam, please do read this post here too <snip>link deleted</snip>