Need your honest opinion

Hello mates,n ew here. Starting to realize that there are a lot of mates here in this forum to help out. Last time had a great response from you guys! Now I need our opinion. I need to know how you like our website in overall. Please rate it between 1 to 10.
Here is the site It’s made in WordPress and it’s a service niche website. I noticed that site speed is bit of a bump here. Any suggestion regards the site speed of what should I do to increase the speed will be highly appreciated. And design is a factor to judge.

(Note: It’s not a self promotion or advertising. Just want to know from an audience’s prospective about how we are going)

As you’ve posted in #html-css, my first suggestion would be that you validate your code.

Try to combine your multiple CSS and JS files to make fewer server requests. 140 requests to render a single page is always going to slow things down.

Test your speed at and follow the advice given there.


It’s WordPress :rolleyes:

Enough said. :taped:


Above might be a problem with your ideas @TechnoBear ?

There are plugins for Wordpress that are supposed to speed up the site but I have not found any improvement on a site I look after. I have seen people say some hosts are optimised for Wordpress but am unsure how that works.

I agree with @coothead

I wouldn’t know, as I don’t use WordPress. But surely it should be possible to (a) use valid code and (b) control the assets you’re loading?

As far as I understand Wordpress all the user does is insert the information and you can not alter the underlying code. Well you can and I did at one point on a different CMS but when there is an update it all reverts back. In my case my modified code did not work in a later version!
The whole Wordpress system is to allow for every option and so it is extremely bloated. There was a site around a few years ago that let you condense the Wordpress pages into static ones that removed about 30% of the code on each Wordpress page.

I don’t want to stray too far off-topic here, but I’m assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that a company offering “custom website design” has created their own WP theme. In that case, I’d have expected them to have a high degree of control over the HTML and assets, and I wouldn’t expect the CSS to contain typos such as backgoround-color and backgound-color, whether the theme is custom or not.

I believe the correct approach with WP is to create a “child theme” with customisations, so that updates to the main theme do not remove the customised code.


You can definitely code your own theme, keep plugins to a minimum and avoid all the bloat. I would recommend that the OP go this route in order to cut down on all those http requests and speed up the site (as well as avoid all the code validation errors).


Right now our company website is ranked on no 12th position in but apart from this, we are not getting enough or near to ZERO inquiry or call from the website. Doing some digital marketing also on FB, LinkedIn and Twitter. But I am losing my hope because my boss want some calls!
I don’t understand is the problem persist in the website? People come to our website, read our blog posts and go out!
Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

My guess is the quality of your content. Just on quick glance, I found numerous spelling and grammatical errors. And quite a bit of content which, while technically correct, just doesn’t read right. Too many repeated phrases, or redundant terms.

My suggestion is to have someone review your content. Or, since you’re offering web development services, hiring someone (or at least setting up a regular contract for the work).

And there are usability issues as well. Too many “read more” type clicks, or odd behavior - like all these links. These hint at going for more information, but just return to the top of the page :shifty:


Have you looked into the dozens of errors and warnings that @TechnoBear alluded to in post # 2? It doesn’t inspire confidence in a web developer to find so many errors.

Little less bologna and a little more beef. Just stay on subject and don’t try to be a super bowl commercial. It sounds and looks contrived. If you have what a visitors wants, they’ll come. There’s really no trick to it. WP has it’s place but, U’d think a web design and development company site would look and feel more “built” instead of “assembled”. I waited nearly 10 seconds just for the home page to load and I’m on 200 Mbs service. If you know the 3 pillars of web site design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, you should be able to build a site that is a lot leaner and meaner than a WP site will ever be.
Just my opinion


Can you figure out where you’ve found those grammatical & spelling mistakes? I need to sort out those. Please consider spending 10-15 min of your valuable time and give me some quotes from the website content and help me find out where I am lacking.

What you are talking about with the image attached are just some icons which represents our services. Those are not clickable links. I think what I should’ve done is to change the from a clickable <a href> to just an image file. Isn’t it?

@DaveMaxwell is off-line at the moment.

Check this site for grammar:

Thanks for your opinion. I’ll work on it definitely.

Grammarly doesn’t check a whole website. Could you please figure out errors?

Debugging and checking grammar is tedious and time intensive. Unfortunately I am busy at the moment trying to earn some money.

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Is it possible when you have some spare time?

Unfortunately the project I am working on will take a long time.

Why not take a page at a time and cut and paste sections into the online Grammarly Validator.

Please also take note of the detailed error and warning explanations so that the same mistakes will not be repeated.

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It is not the job of people on the forum to fix your grammar. If English is not your native language and you want a website in English then perhaps you need to have a native English speaker on your team.