Need ways to contact easily with customers

i am new to blogging , i need ways to contact with my customers…please help


What is your niche/industry? What is your product? Who are your customers?

Have you tried waving?

When you’re just getting started, it’s best to contact them directly rather than building a blog and hoping that they’ll come. How you go about contacting them directly depends on the market that you’re in. You can often find customers together online in various discussion forums (we’re on one right now …)

Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Google Groups … etc are all excellent places to engage your customers directly in discussions. If you tell me more about the industry that you’re in, maybe I can help you come up with a few ideas.

Try making a Facebook page. Surely there are many people who works in the same market, try to connect with them and who knows some might give you friendship suggestions. There surely are many good people who can help you :slight_smile:

also keep the option on your site for online chating with customer like live chat software

What do you mean with contact easily with customers. The word customers suggest, that they are a member of your website already? If so, I presume, you have their information somehow stored in a database. In that case you could introduce a newsletter or something similar.

live chat software also helps in following old as well as new customer

You should know your audience first before you implement any marketing. I suggest you’ll do social media marketing like creating a facebook page and then target the right fans. It would be greater if you’ll do link building because for me it’s a very effective technique in driving traffic.