Need VBulletin plugin to integrate Drupal


We have an existing VBulletin forum. Right now we just completed our portal using Drupal (V6). We want to use vBulletin login panel and while any user login using that they will automatically login to Drupal site also. I already checked DrupalVB and vbDrupal. But we need vb based login system but vbDrupal latest version is 5x, so it is not our choice. I think i have to create a vBulletin plugin to create drupal login session and save the new user in drupal user table while user login throught dBulletin login panel.

Can anyone help please or suggest any better solution.


Did you ever get a response to this issue. I have a similar need and would like to hear what you found. I have created user hooks in Drupal to capture login events, but never from VB.

Check out the vbDrupal project.

I am also doing the same thing, capturing the login event from the drupal site. But vbDrupal CMS is not that much of advance to support most of the Drupal advanced features, so this couldn’t be the choice of mine. Anyway, I will try to create a plugin for vBulletin to integrate the vB user with drupal, because our site based on vB