Need urgent advice on travel website content

Could anybody tell me how to refresh contents on a travel website. How to make it always new? is a blog on site unique choice (i already have one)? You know that tours are fixed and could hardly be changed. New contents make the website more interesting both for visitors but for SE as well. Pls, if there is any clues?

It’s a problem that a lot of sites face, when their business isn’t changing and there isn’t an obvious source of new content. A good tactic is to have a look at your competitors’ sites and see what they are doing. While you don’t want to copy or plaigiarise their ideas, it can at least give you some general suggestions as to how to go about things.

Blog it - talk about your travel desitination with pics, vidoes, to dos, donts, quick guides, prices, weather updates etc

A blog is generally considered the best way to do this. It doesn’t have to exactly match the content of your main site, provided it is on the same general subject and likely to be of interest to your target market. For example, if your business is selling tours in Vietnam, the blog doesn’t have to be about the actual tours that the operators are running; it could deal with Vietnamese food, the history of the region, its culture, and so on.

Ideally, the blog should be on the same domain as the main site, and there should be easy navigation between the two.


according to Google panda algorithm your website content change in every 6 months you can refresh your content just change 30% part of content and make sure that content is not copied use only unique content

Do different ways to let people know about your new products (if there is). If there is none, there are certainly new ways you could find where people have not yet heard about what’ you’re offering.