Need tool for Rounded Corners

I need to make some rounded-corners and rounded-edges for the “Sliding-Door Effect” used to make navigation tabs.

Unfortunately I am broke and don’t have money to buy any software. Also, I am waiting until I have time to learn something like Gimp - which is free - but in the mean time, are there some websites that can general simple rounded-corners/rounded-edges for me for free?

(I know they exist because I used them in years past, but cannot remember the URLs.)

Just need something where I can enter parameters (e.g. height, width, color, radius, filled/line) and it spits out a simple GIF.



There are plenty of free Photoshop/Illustrator alternatives out there. Artscape allows rounded corners, and probably Inskape too. Those are just two I’ve peeked at. has an image editor like Photoshop and it’s easy to use.

I recommend these to my clients, they are online and you can save what you create.

Here is an awesome FireFox plugin

Here is something you can download

It’s been a while since I have checked those links.