Need to xfr one wp site to another. best plugin?

Hello all i want to create a copy of a wp site i have. What would be the best plugin that would help me transfer the content?
thank you

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Why a plugin?
Is it not easy enough for you to FTP the files and create a database export file for export/import?

Are you wanting to do something out of the ordinary or have limitations that prevent you from doing things the usual way?

have actually not had to this before so i have no “usual way”
normally i’d move the theme and then create the site.
But i just found out i might be able to clone this as it is on the same server.

For a plugin backupbuddy is good, but not free. It’s probably the easiest no hassle way to go. If you do this often it pays for itself. If it’s a cpanel account that’s another easy way to transfer.

thank you elconejito, I got lucky and got help from a rep who actually knew the cpanel & what he was doing. we just cloned the site.
Still have to get used to the cpanel myself.
What was odd is that on thursday night i choose to do a backup. before trying anything. And that was what wiped the site out.

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