Need to reduced the spam score

Hey everyone, Quick Question need to reduce my spam score. its growing day by day.

Well, as that’s a metric created and used by Moz, I would suggest the place to look for guidance would be on their website. smile


I was facing the same problem, thank you for solution

Unlink your sites from the ones that are weird and shady, those sites generally have a low DR too.

You need to use quality links, and also look at the number of links if your website is large - it shouldn’t be too low. Also, you can check your site’s spam score at Ahrefs. The report will show you all the low-quality links on your site.

Perform backlink audit and disavow toxic domains! If you have campaign for backlink acquisition/outreach, make it sure that the links you’re acquiring are reputable (with high domain authority, relevant to your niche, with reliable/unique content etc)

The OP seems to have lost interest in the thread, so there’s little point in continuing to offer advice.

Thanks to all who contributed.

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