Need to pick best name for chat site

I need help picking the domain for my next site.

I’ve decided that I have time for just one more chat/community site. I own the following domains which I’m not really doing anything with:
c. (great name but only ok extension)
d. (great name but only ok extension)

I own all these domains, but I need to know which one I should use. Like I said, I really only have time for one more site.

Thanks for your help.

I really like It’s easy to remember and doesn’t sound like you were stretching to come up with a name for your website.

The shorter the better. Use .COM

BTW that is not good idea at all to show domain names which are available for the registration

Actually I own all these domains. However, I’m not really doing anything with them. I don’t have time to make them all successful (SEO, etc.), so I want to pick one.

However, I can’t decide which is the better name. I know .com is the better domain extension, but is it worth taking the .net version if you like the name?