Need to get text from pdf


I downloaded a program which is meant to make me a text file from a pdf file. Unfortunately it chokes midway through. In fact it chokes on the midway page no matter which page I set as being page 1.

Anyone know of a good pdf -> txt convertor or even if there is a good pdf ->csv convertor. I need not only to get the text but to manipulate it to fit my db schema.


Adobe Acrobat itself does this nicely. I just converted a big PDF file to a text file in seconds via Export > Text.

Not sure about CSV though.

I have currently only got acrobat reader but, I shall try the save as text feature and see if that does it. Don’t quite know why I hadn’t seen that before. :frowning:

Maybe I’ll purchase the full version.

btw which part of Melbourne you in? My son and daughter live there. (You can pm me your response if you like to avoid cluttering the boards).


there are lots of pdf to word converter …google it
if now…
even acrobat reader may be >8 allows it
selecting and text of pdf and copy pasting

Thats what I ended up doing and it took half an hour so select the text and copy.

Thanks all.