Need to contact owner of domain name

Hi there,

A client I’m working for (a string quartet) changed their domain name to from .com just under a year ago. I’m now redesigning their website and was planning to use the .com for a redirect to the address. Only it’s been taken, and is now a page advertising clomiphene and other medication. This seems odd considering the domain name reflects that it’s a website about a string quartet. I want to contact the domain owner but can’t get contact details through whois, only when it was created and when it expires. Another strange thing is that it says it was created in 2006!

Also, at the bottom of the page it says ‘------’ © All rights reserved.

Any help with this much appreciated :slight_smile:




Glad I just read these last 2 posts, as I received a reply from the guy yesterday asking for $300…was about to tell him to shove it! :wink:

I will try and haggle now for sure! Thanks again, will let you know how I get on


Good luck! I hope you have some success. If they say Yes but at a high price, don’t argue, just say that it’s not worth it at that price. Quote a smallish price you’d be willing to buy for. I’m sure they just want to make some kind of profit on it, and you are the only one likely ever to want the domain, so do haggle. I did that once and massively reduced the price. They were asking about $500, and I said I’d think about it at $100, and they leaped at it.

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

Do you mean an email contact on the page? Because there isn’t anything on the page, apart from links to buy the medication which all take you to different sites…

Also, how can they have ‘copyright all rights reserved’ at the bottom when it’s not even them?!

People (or rather their robots) buy up cheap, expired domain names in the hope (I gather) that even a few people will want to buy them back (at inflated prices, or course). In the mean time, they sit there with a generic web page covered in ads, probably bringing in a trickle of revenue. One of the many dirty sides of the web, IMHO.

Often those sites have a link via which you can make a purchase offer. It certainly was a bad move to let the domain go. It’s purely up to the new owner whether you will be satisfied or not… if you can find him, her or … whatever.

Ok, thanks for the advice.

I looked it up on instead, and the owner’s email address and name actually came up. So have contacted the owner, hopefully they’ll get back to me.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Good luck. Just point out that you’d be happy to buy it for, say, $100 (or whatever the client is prepared to pay) but that you can’t be bothered at any higher price. (I.e. make out like it’s not a big deal to you at all.) I bet they’ll accept.

If you are intersted in the domain name - just do not show your interest. Try to make the owner intersted in selling domain name to you. I suppose that will help you to reduce the price for the domain name.

As I mentioned, they will be making a little bit (perhaps) from the advertising.

It should be easy enough to find out the name of the web and/or domain host, so perhaps you could contact them and ask if a message could be passed on to the owner. Not sure how successful that would be, but if the domain is really important to have, it’s worth a try.


I’m still confused as to why they would bother if they’re not even selling it on!

On the plus side, if you google the name of the quartet, it’s them that come up first…which was their biggest worry.

Hmm, I guess they are not interested in selling, then.

Also, how can they have ‘copyright all rights reserved’ at the bottom when it’s not even them?!

Well, it IS them. It’s their web page, and their domain name, so they are perfectly entitled to say “copyright all right reserved”.

That’s how 'tis, I’m afraid.