Need to add search box to navigation menu bar


My website is

I would like to add a search box to menu bar. Can someone tell me how to do it using CSS?

I have some experience with CSS but not much with PHP…

I am using “my custom CSS” plugin to modify the CSS. Have never modified any PHP files before. And I have not yet created a child theme.

Can someone point me in right direction on how I can achieve this?


Google custom search will give you all you need

Hi Santr123. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

We can help you in this forum with styling the search box, but for in-depth advice on setting up the form, you’d need something like the CMS forum. Basically, though, if you want to use the WP search functionality, presumably you first have to go into your files (sidebar.php?) and move the search form code up into the “container” div.

Or you could ditch the WP form altogether and go for a Google search form, as Eric suggested.

Thanks I will try the CMS forum…

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No probs Thread moved. :slight_smile:

Not sure how you would do it using nothing but CSS however you could use a widget and CSS to get it like you want.