Need the appropriate name for a job description

In one of my last jobs, a lot of my responsibility was in checking and reviewing back-end code that has already been written by another group of developers, and to keep a written record of syntatical and logical errors (like blocks of code that would never execute on any condition). We never altered the code for the entire process, and I would also take feedback from a UX QA tester that looks for design bugs on the website.

Would this work description be a software QA position? Or QC? Or completely something else?

I was hired for my web development skills, because I usually work as a web developer. But for the major part of the job (I wasn’t working there for a long time), they postponed all coding work in the project and we went through a long testing phase. I inspected the code, but I wasn’t responsible for actually testing it (our UX QA did that).

Software tester is what it sounds like to me, did they not assign you a formal position name? They just called you “Computer Man”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I would call such kind of job as Software Code Analyzer or something similar.