Need suggestion regarding website

What’s better - WordPress or static site for small businesses?

It depends.

What sort of content will you have? If it’s static and doesn’t change very often, then a static site is probably all you need. If you’re constantly updating, or want to include a blog with your site, then WordPress is probably a better idea. If it’s an e-commerce business and the main focus is selling online, then perhaps another system would be better.

As @Gandalf says, it depends. Without more specific information from you, we can only offer vague generalities.

Try with Drupal, its secure compare than WordPress.

Hey Manish,

WordPress is the best option for small to Medium businesses. Basic Knowledge is enough to make a website on WordPress, because most of the work is done by the Plugins. Plugins like , ‘Akismet Anti-Spam’, ‘SEO Yoast’ and ‘Whocommerce’ help you to build an eShop without any hassles.


It depends on how much experience you have developing websites and how much time you have to do it and it depends on whether a CMS will satisfy your requirements.

The professional solution is to first develop the requirements then choose a solution. If you develop a solution before fully understanding requirements then you might have a huge conversion in the future.

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I guess it actually depends on your requirement and business needs.

try to contact some good web development agency, they will extract the required information from you and can guide you better according to your requirements… and if you exactly know what your requirements are than share it here and you will get some good advice

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