Need suggestion regarding tracking of website

How to track the progress of a website based on the working keywords?

google analytics would get you an insight on that.

Personally i am using google webmater tool and google analytics for trackling website progress. google analytics and google webmater tools will really usefull for checking progress of website based upon your website targeted keywords.It will provides your informationg regarding bounce rate, internal and external backlinks, total traffic and visitors coming to your site etc.


I am agree with ‘pluginlotto’ comments, google analytics tool and webmaster tool is best for tracking the website traffic, also there are various online tools are available to track the ranking of keywords on search engines. But personally I will suggest you to search manually the ranking of your targeted keywords.


You can check your site performance in search engines and visitor activities on the site through Google Analytics or StatCounter Tools. Google Webmaster Tool will help you to track the crawler activities on your site.

If anybody has suggestions other than Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, then feel free to post them. Of course, if you have new insights into how these tools can best be used, then by all means share them. Please do not keep repeating the advice of previous posts, which just clutters the thread and is of no help to anyone.

Have anyone tried SERPAnalytic , I am using it for my website. Its a full SERP monitoring tool gives you the daily dynamics of your keywords , suggest new and competitive keywords for your website. The best part is that it have the SPY tool as well which help you to keep an eye on your competitors . They have different strategies on niche based and site based. Infact is you are using the firefox browser and then the best is to use SERP Analytic with the SERPTrends Firefox Addon . Both together will give you good information for your keywords and help you in analyzing which keyowrds are progressing and which needs more attention. Hope this toll helps you apart from the regular Google tools

You can also try using IBP, its a good tool you can use to check and track your kws as well as your website stats

You could use market samurai or google webmaster’s analytics. Both of them are good and reliable. The analysis part would remain with you. Both of these services can help you get information but then you will have to analyze and make decision. You will also have to analyze the competitors’ site for getting the right keywords.

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