Need suggesion for creating a local blog

hello friends
i need suggestion to create a blog which is in hindi ,n if i create it then can i publish it wold wide or not n how can i promote it with my other countries friends … bcuz they can not under stand this blog , i m confuse please help me …

There is no problem if your friends are understand Hindi. Don’t worry create your blog in Hindi. There are so many websites available for translations. use they can translate your Hindi blog to English.


yes you can definitely create a blog in hindi and you can put the translator over there so that everybody can understand it.

If you having blog in your regional language, it is totally waste that you are targetting people around world. So you need to focus on people who knows hindi well.

You can still create a hindi blog and of course you can publish worldwide just use a plugin that allow your visitors to translate it to a language that they can understand.

remember if you are targeting global audience never start a blog in a local language…only post in local language if yo are targeting people of a particular area…i think your hindi blog will be suited for north indian people mostly…so if that what you want go ahead…

i have a blog before that i want to target anyone in the world… default its in english and i have this script which you can translate the text to some other languages… you might also want to try it…

Yes, exactly!!! If you post blog in Hindi. Use Google translator tools in order to read by other readers in other countries.

First you have to decide which country reader you want target, if your blog is local new than dont go to be world wide, but if you want to make it world wide i think you can make “translator plugin” in your blog.

I agree with SSJ and myfreelance’s replies. content translation application/plug ins can be a very help with the problem.

Automatic Translation in another language always sucks. Except for low level quality site or technical site it is really not suitable.

its really work??? i mean…i say my friend maid some site called “” its seems to me like a blog…but…he says its…some thing tha share and gather knowledge from that site…
…i hope you will hepl me out…about this problem… let me know… :frowning: