Need SSL Certificate for Testing

I just got off the phone with GoDaddy - after holding for 15 minutes long-distance - to find out the cheapest SSL certificate they have is $50?! :rolleyes:

I need an SSL certificate to do some testing (e.g. with PayPal), but don’t want to spend $50 for something that I only need for a month or two.

(I won’t be able to use my “test SSL cert” later, because my production e-commerce site will be on a different server.)

Any ideas how to get around this issue?



Since SSL certificates are locked to an IP address, could you put a test area on the same server, but under a different domain?

The same SSL can be transferred on to a new server. You can provide your host with the keys and ssl certs and the will resintall the same certificate on a new server.

Turns out I found a GoDaddy special online, called back, and they gave me the same $60 SSL cert for $12.95?!

Jerks… :rolleyes:


For future reference, Comodo offers free 90 day SSL certificates.

You can use freessl for your test and then upgrade to a proper one, if you can move your domain to the same ip. Otherwise, i got my rapidssl cert for $8.99 from


Like Tin said, Comodo offers a free trial certificate:

Is that a one-time trial, or can you get 90-day after 90-day certificate?

It is a one time trial for the domain or sub domain you’ve registered the certificate against. A try before you buy option to get up and running.