Need some info to get a website project project going

I am using PHP and MySQL from novice to ninja as a reference. I would like to build a simple gallery website where users can upload gif and png files (So no image filters or modules are necessary). The most important part would be to create a user system so users can register and open an account. Also a way to upload/download images.

My main question is about actually getting the information to put all this together. I have a little experience with PHP so the book is not a problem to follow. I am however a little disorganized, so I can’t really put everything I need in the right order, or perspective.

If anyone has create something like this before, could you maybe point me toward some additional tutorials or books that I can look at to get this project started?

I would check out hotscripts as there are a lot of gallery scripts there. You could check out the script demos and download a couple to see how they work.

When I did my gallery I started off with a simple script and kept improving on it.

My best tip is get each part working then bring it together, do not try and do everything at once.

For instance get the upload form working and validate the user input, then work on the resizing and database input and finely displaying the images. If you try to do the whole lot in one go you will get in a mess.

I also echo the variables out at each step to make sure they contain what you expect; people spend hours searching for a problem and find they are trying to save a folder and not an image !

I think you should start from simple things and build experience gradually. You cannot run before you walk. The level of coding for your goal is not an easy one.

Thank you. I will be looking over hotscripts and try to do everything separately.