Need some help

Im having a problem with a website ive created.

My client is telling me that a few people in their office arent seeing the website correctly. Im told that its being stretched horizontally…im not seeing this problem and im unable to reproduce it. They are using IE8.

Just wondering if anyone here is having issues with the website not rendering correctly.

Here is the link.

Help in advance is appreciated.

The site is totally screwed up in IE6, but looks fine to me on Win7 IE6/7/8/9Beta, Chrome, Opera and FF.

What does the client mean by “stretched horizontally” ?

Yea, i dont support ie6…

Anyways, hes stating that his screen is stretching causing a horizontal scrollbar. Im not there looking at the screen so i dont know what exactly hes seeing. My code is good so i dont see why it would be happening.

My tests as yours are the same.

At this moment we can’t do anything but speculate it would seem. Why don’t you ask the client to send you a screenshot so you actually see what’s going on?

Think i got to the bottom of it.

Computers in clients office in question are using a low screen resolution. He says hes using 1024x768 but i tested that and it fits fine. My main div block has a width of 960 so no way should it cause a stretch at a resolution of 1024x768. At 800 of course…it stretches as hes complained about.

Yup, no surprise there :slight_smile: