Need some help with Wordpress

Hi, I am just starting to use Wordpress. This is what I want to do:

I would like it when someone clicks on a thumbnail, the picture is displayed in the main area. I can do this by just making pages and the
thumbnails go to the different pages with only the main picture changed. That works fine. The only problem is the video wants to reload.
It will go black and then come back up. I would prefer the video staying and not reloading when the different thumbnails are clicked.

Is there a plugin or some other way to do this in Wordpress? I have searched but cannot find any info on how to do this.


If you go to a new page, the video is going to reload. Simple as that. You will have to keep people on the same page using a Javascript image rotator (also called an image slider). That and using frames is about your only option (iframe is a bad option). There are several Wordpress image rotator/slider plugins for you to choose from. Just search:

Thanks. Frames were the only thing I could think of but I didn’t want to use them. It is for a product with different colors. When someone chooses one of the colors in the thumbnails,
the product would show the new color. I was hoping there was a plugin or coding that could do that. I may just have to keep it the way I have it.