Need some help with slider not loading on theme / lagging

I apologize if this is not the right forum. The theme is a purchased theme for woocommerce. However, the author will not respond. I am not sure what to do. I can post the entire console page here if needed (site is down for maintenance and not visible online).

The problem seems to be that the main slider (specifically this part, in FF) partially loads and hangs. In Chrome the main slider does not seem to do this. The other issue is that the animation below the slider is supposed to load within 1 second or on hover. It WILL ONLY load if the page is scrolled down (this happens in every browser - so not browser specific.) about half way and then back up to the top. Since this is embedded in the theme I am not sure whats going on. The only changes I have been making are in CSS, cosmetic.

The site does go through cloudflare if that makes a difference. Never really had these issues though until recently.
Anyways, if someone can help out or guide me on where to look, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

As an update, been troubleshooting… I must have had an issue when testing the other day. The slider AND the animated container under the slider BOTH LOAD FINE on Chrome. Why is FF dogging on the slider load and animation? Is it a setting that I can change? Thanks!!

First step is to open your firefox dev tools window (right click the page and go to “inspect”), go to console tab and see what messages it is telling you. Next step after that is to go to the network tab, reload the page and see if anything pops up red or if some other kind of error is encountered there.

9 times out of 10, doing this will point you in the direction of why a browser is having an issue.

Thanks. I went into console. No issues. Nothing in network. Here is a vid of whats happening. It seems to clear itself when FF cache is cleared out…

Shift - Reload will load the animation every single time… I cant expect my clients to do this when they visit the site… Any ideas? Thanks.

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