Need some help here

Well, i have a project in my school and my professor in Management Information System told us to gather some information and details regarding to that topic of being a strategic consultant. He told us to get some advice or opinions to other people. Can you help me with this? I just need some to give an idea how should I start my report.

Here’s the topic:

A publishing company is contemplating the concept of the electronic books be published on small optical disk similar to musical disks. The book “READER” is the device that the users need to read the disks. The company hires you to be a strategic consultant.


1. What should be the company’s major goal in the 2 or 3 years profit, market share, user base, technological improvement, the largest, sales force in the industry?
2. Should the company give anything away?

Thank you in advance everyone…

The company should spread free ebooks and sell the book readers, to attract more customers.

As a strategic consultant your first goal is to help guide your client to a feasible business model.

While it’s always possible to buck the trend, there’s no doubt that CDs / disks are declining in the internet age [hello iTunes/ download]. Furthermore with the explosion of tablets and smartphones it’s likely that much of your usage will be on a mobile device, thus you have to ask yourself how a disk based approach fits into the equation when 99% of these devices can’t read disks directly, or even use USB in the majority of cases. If the only benefit is to have a tangible item to put on the store shelf you’re not thinking as a customer and that’s a problem.

From there it’s not clear what the business model is. Your description says they are a publisher but then asks about technology… a publisher could get into the device game but are they reasonably going to compete with the iPad / Android / Nook / Kindle market? Doubtful and unnecessary. Does the world have any interest in yet another app to do virtually the same thing? Again, you’d have to be groundbreaking to get a new install and overcome the number of people looking for titles on the existing platforms.

I do enough work in the CE industry that I can imagine a client calling to ask how they’d market a new reader for the titles they put out and as a consultant, my comment would be why? Their value is in what they publish, not in becoming experts of electronic production. Too late, too busy, too little return vs the value they already have.

But there’s a lot of potential for a more flexible publisher. Amazon and others have adopted glance inside tools but sharing digital books remains problematic with harsh limits that you don’t get buying an actual paperback – opportunity. The same is true with physical to digital, where’s the chance to easily buy a book seen in paper digitally in a way that credits the store selling it too? Right now you go to an airport bookstore and they try to keep you off your mobile device – solving attribution is a huge challenge as local stores encourage discovery but not so much purchasing: get stores to push your digital option and the pie expands.

At the same time, books grow virally… one positive read to another prospective… and while some individual series do very well at tapping into community, there’s a much larger play to be had. Can you imagine if kids could have commented as they read through the newest harry potter adventure, shared their progress, asked a friend’s thoughts?

It’s an interesting question but really doesn’t have enough meat [detail] to bite as far into as I think would be useful to you.