Need some help aligning some div tags

On this page:

there are 3 boxes that are wrapped in divs called “blog” and “blog-right” in just under the large image area. I need them to be evenly spaced, and centered on the page, but when I try to resize the divs to make this happen things get a little crazy. Does anyone know how I can do this?

Thanks in advance

You probably need to be a little more specific there. But I presume one problem is that the background images get out of alignment. They are fixed-width images, so you’ll have to redo them at a bigger width.

Not sure how much more specific you need me to be. I just want the 3 boxes on the page that look the same and are right in a row to be evenly spaced and centered.

All I meant was that “get a little crazy” is not a technical web design term! You mentioned resizing the boxes, but all that’s needed is a bit more left margin on the second and third … but it looks to me like you’ve done that now, as they seem to be evenly spaced.