Need some etiquette advice

if you create a site based on a child theme. are you obliged to aknowledge the parent theme?

i wasn’t adverse to doing it. then run into an article advs for security reasons to hide the fact that it is a wp site and what if the client might not want to see a mention of that?

If you plan to create a child theme right at start of declaration of the child theme stylesheet you need to refer the parent theme without which a child theme wont work.

Right at start there is a declaration Template : parentthemename

You can definitely remove most header scripts / remove wp versions and so on to hide that its a WP site but if some one digs deep in to the code then they might be able to figure out its a WP site.

Not quite what i had meant but thank you jaagare

No i can definitely understand your requirement. You do not wish to share the parent theme details either to the user surfing the site or the client for whom you are developing. But my understanding is that once you refer a parent theme, automatically all functionalities are carried on to the child theme including theme options, stylesheets etc. One way to hide it at wp admin level is to hide the menus for all users except 1 user. Secondly for the outside world, its easy to hide all the stylesheets and only show up one stylesheet so most likely users wont come to know.

:slight_smile: close and that is good info for me to have, so thank you for sharing. I was just feeling guilty for not crediting prominently (like in the footer) the original wordpress theme and its’ creators.
But I don’t think one is obliged to, correct?

Yes you are not obliged to make a mention in the footer or anywhere. If you create a new footer file in the child theme you can override the settings of the parent theme footer.